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Intertribal Gathering 2015 .
Stay tuned for details on IPAA’s 4th Intertribal Gathering
at the Da Kų Culture Centre
in Haines Junction, YK: October 1 – 3, 2016

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Click here to go to our website for the 2016 Intertribal Gathering in Haines Junction, Yukon.

Our gathering immediately follows the
Aboriginal Curatorial Collective – Collectif des commissaires autochtones
gathering Kwä̀n Mày Dáyè Dàátthʼi in Whitehorse, YK: September 28 – 30, 2016.


ipaa postcard Intertribal Gathering Saskatoon
The Intertribal Gathering is IPAA’s event that travels to different communities each year. We feature a local artists in an Indigenous performance showcase, spotlight Indigenous leaders in the region and encourage national artistic leaders to connect about the work emerging across Turtle Island (North America).

The inaugural Intertribal took place at the Cahoots Studio in Toronto (Oct. 2013). The Ontario artist showcase featured readings from Native Earth Performing Arts (NEPA)’s Animkiig Training Program, an excerpt from dancer/choreographer Sarain Carson-Fox’s collaboration with Aboriginal Music Award winning cellist Cris Derksen and a solo performance by Michael Greyeyes titled Nokhom.

2013 Toronto, ON
2014 Saskatoon, SK
2015 Toronto, ON
2016 Haines Junction, YK
2017 Northern Ontario

The second annual Intertribal Gathering saw IPAA partner with Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company in Saskatoon. The history of this company and the support they receive from their community saw our modest one night showcase turn into a four-night festival of performance Indigenous to the prairies.

IPAA was successful in procuring OAC Compass funding to bring back NEPA’s Board President Jed DeCory (Lakota) who also happens to be a Consultant along with his partner Dominique Giguère of Currents Group to continue our Strategic Plan.

Artistic leaders came from Halifax, Ottawa, Vancouver and across the prairies to attend this historic event that former Canada Council for the Arts Aboriginal Officer Bruce Sinclair called:

“The first national conversation on Indigenous performance in Saskatchewan.”


Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Saskatchewan


The third Intertribal Gathering returned to Tkaronto with a showcase of artists working in their Indigenous languages.

Aki Studio Theatre 585 Dundas Street East Tkaronto, ON
Sunday, November 8th at 3pm

Curated by Rhéanne Chartrand and directed by Alejandro Ronceria this event featured up and coming and established artists.

Rhéanne & Alejandro

Rhéanne Chartrand & Alejandro Ronceria

This Intertribal Gathering showcase presented new and commissioned works, as well as works-in-progress, by established and emerging Ontario artists:

Rosary Spence, Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone, Rene Meshake & Lena Recollet

Rosary Spence, Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone, Rene Meshake & Lena Recollet

Rene Meshake, Joel Chief Moon, Ziibiwan & Adriana Alarcon

Rene Meshake, Joel Chief Moon, Ziibiwan & Adriana Alarcon

Aria Evans, Jeremy Dutcher & Lido Pimienta

Aria Evans, Jeremy Dutcher & Lido Pimienta

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