Recognize Workshop Series


The Recognize Workshop Series

Part One: Six Nations
A four part series hosted by the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance

Join us for our first session with award winning Tuscarora artist Jennifer Kreisberg at the Woodland Cultural Centre on December 14th from 1-6pm.

Jennifer will take participants through the basics of traditional Southern Haudenosaunee singing as well as practical care and vocal health.

Bring your drums and rattles if you have them!

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Acknowledging Tkarón:to

The Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance acknowledges Tkarón:to.

The Alliance announces The Recognize Workshop Series. Recognize is the culmination of Acknowledging Tkarón:to which has been investigating the growing practice of land acknowledgements within the performing arts.

Upon hearing various land acknowledgements, Alliance Grand Council Representative Suzanne Keeptwo (Métis QC) asks, “do these Nations know they are being acknowledged? Who is informed that out-of-territory guests are gathering?” The values of relationship and reciprocity inherent in this question are at the heart of Acknowledging Tkarón:to.

Recognize will take place in four communities frequently recognized in land acknowledgements in the Toronto area. Selected communities include Six Nations, New Credit, Rama, and Penetanguishene / Midland.

Confirmed workshop leaders include Jennifer Kreisberg (Tuscarora), Sarain Carson-Fox (Anishinabe), and Jessica Lea Fleming (French and Wendat).

The Recognize Workshops are free and open to all.




SAVE THE DATE  - April 27, 2017

Recognize will bring community, artist, and cultural leaders together to exchange ideas, art, and expression.

These workshop gatherings lead up to in an event in Toronto on April 22, 2017 at the Native Canadian Centre. Artists from these communities will showcase their work and speak about their connection to the land now called Toronto.

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