Farewell Mique’l

Since the summer of 2015 IPAA has engaged Mique’l Dangeli as our Indigenous Protocols and Performance Consultant.

During her time with us she supported the development of our Smudging Document, the preparation and documentation of our recent Intertribal Gathering and mentoring our staff in the facilitation of Host Nations Conversations across Turtle Island.

Her work with us wrapped up in 2016 and we asked her to reflect on her time with us.

“Niit’ txa’niis ‘nüüsm!
Sm Łoodm ‘Nüüsm ada Taakw Shaawat ada Dr. Mique’l Dangeli di waayu.
Ts’msyenu. Wil Uks T’aa Mediik di wil ’waatgu.
Ts’a̱ma̱s—Laxyuubs Coast Salish—ada Áakʼw Ḵ’wáan Áani di wil dzog̱u.

Hello everyone! My Tsimshian name is Sm Łoodm ‘Nüüsm, my Tlingit name is Taakw Shaawat, and my English name is Dr. Mique’l Dangeli. I’m of the Tsimshian Nation from Metlakatla, Alaska. I live in both the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations (Vancouver, BC) and in the Tlingit territory of the Áakʼw Ḵ’wáan (Juneau, Alaska).

I’ve had the honor working for the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance for the past year as their Indigenous Protocol and Performance Consultant. Ntʼoyaxsm (my gratitude to) IPAA for the honor of this privilege!”

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