Intertribal Gathering

September 17th-19th, 2018

Intertribal Gathering

Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance presents the

5th Annual Intertribal Gathering

at Aanmitaagzi's Big Medicine Studio, North Bay Ontario

Registration: $125 for three days, $50 per day (includes lunch and Feast on September 18)

IPAA’s Intertribal Gathering travels to different communities each year, featuring local artists in Indigenous performance showcases, spotlighting Indigenous leaders in the region and encouraging national artistic leaders to connect with the work emerging across Turtle Island (North America). The Gathering will feature showcase performances by some of Canada’s top Indigenous theatre, dance, and musical performers.

A limited number of travel and accommodation subsidies are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Host hotel: Best Western North Bay Hotel & Conference Centre (Quote 'IPAA' for the conference rate of $116.99 + HST per night)

This bi-annual gathering builds relationships in various regions in order to:

  • showcase the local artists,
  • address unique challenges of creating performance in the region,
  • connect local artists to national presenters of Indigenous performing arts.

Group 2

Full Schedule is below!

September 17 Monday - Day 1

9:00-9:30 Shuttle from Best Western to Aanmitaagzi (Big Medicine Studio) 

9:30-10:30 Elder speaks/Welcome to the land & Introductions

10:30-10:45 Tour of Aanmitaagzi/Nutrition Break

10:45-12:00 The Indigenous Performing Arts Bundle

12:00-1:00 Lunch & performance by Cole Forest

1:00-3:00 Open Space Introduction 

3:00-3:15 Nutrition Break

3:15-5:00 Open space - Session 1

5:00-5:30 Shuttle to Best Western North Bay Hotel & Conference Centre

7:00-9:00 Musical performance by Ansley Simpson, Sebastian Gaskin and more

September 18 Tuesday - Day 2

9:00-9:30 Shuttle from Best Western to Aanmitaagzi (Big Medicine Studio) 

9:30-10:30 Day 1 Recap

10:30-10:45 Nutrition Break

10:45-12:00 Discussion 1: The futurity of Indigenous Performing Arts....future ancestor performance practices This collective conversation explores methodological practices to uncover the ways we are holding space for our futures through highlighting the ways in which Indigenous performance practices orient ourselves towards future relationships with lands and each other. For instance how are we activating intersectionality, relational, and decolonizing practice into performance methodologies? In short, what are the methodologies and performative practices that are going to take us into the future? 

12:00-1:00 Lunch and Performance by Curtis Peeteetuce

1:00-3:00 Open Space - Session

3:30-4:30 Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance (IPAA) 2018 AGM

4:30-5:00 Free time 5:00-6:30 Feast! 

7:00-9:00 Serpent People by Aanmitaagzi - Theatre Performance 

9:00-9:30 Shuttle to Best Western North Bay Hotel & Conference Centre

September 19 Wednesday - Day 3

9:00-9:30 Shuttle from Best Western to Aanmitaagzi (Big Medicine Studio) 

9:30-10:30 Discussion 2: Grassroots Creation in the North with Lisa O'Connell and Clayton Windatt Urban and Rural Arts. What drives arts professionals to migrate and return? To stay and dig in? Can exploring the connections and differences between rural and urban communities allow for increased arts presences when engaging between regions? How can our measure of success be changed to reflect longer reaching impacts? This panel discussion deconstructs current dynamics and evaluates current tactics various regions are taking. Arts professionals in both rural and urban centers have to reflect on their own adaptability if we are supporting, nurturing and growing the arts across many communities. Exploring collective abilities to share resources increases the amount of potential collaboration, co-presenting and co-production taking place beyond the cliche of the quaint and cute, what are the challenges and opportunities when creating collaborations between rural communities and urban communities? Can these reflections offer a path for our arts sector to adapt to the ever-changing arts ecology?

10:30-10:45 Nutrition Break

10:45-12:00 Discussion 3: Mass Culture is a collaborative initiative that strives to support artists, arts organizations and academic institutions across the country. The intent is to form a network of stakeholders, which, through research, will address cultural policy issues at organizational, sectoral, and governmental levels.

12:00-1:00 Lunch and Performance by Waawaatae Fobister Cabaret

1:00-5:00 Wrap up

5:00-5:30 Shuttle to Best Western North Bay Hotel & Conference Centre

7:00-9:00 Performance by Christine Friday and Kaha:wi Dance Theatre

*Program is subject to change*

IPPA greatly appreciates the financial support for the 2018 Intertribal Gathering from Canadian Heritage, Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and Toronto Arts Council. 

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