Welcome to Indian Country presents a selection of Indigenous artists from within Indigenous territory widely known as the Island of Montreal. In marking the anniversaries of Canada 150th and Montreal 375th, curator Lara Kramer, an Oji-Cree (Ojibwe and Cree) choreographer and performer, would like to acknowledge and pay respect to all nations of “Turtle Island”.

The featured artists of Welcome to Indian Country create a collective impact reflecting our diverse communities, stories, songs and voices. Working in both traditional and contemporary forms, we witness the change, regrowth and transformation of Indigenous identity. With the long standing history of Eurocentric ideologies determining what is Indian, these artists’ works are grounded in self-determination that reclaim personal autonomy and history, and are an expression of identity that recognize the colonial effect while
remaining connected to Indigenous experiences. A movement towards the future while addressing the past. Performance and visual art, film, video, and dance.