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Lindsay Dobbin is an multi/interdisciplinary artist, musician, curator and educator of mixed Aboriginal (Maliseet / Mohawk) and European (English / French) ancestry who lives and works on unceded Mi’kmaq territory in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Born and raised in southern New Brunswick near the Bay of Fundy, Dobbin has also lived rurally in Cape Breton, northeastern British Columbia and the Yukon. Their practice includes drumming, music, sound art, experimental recording, social practices, improvisation, sculpture, performance, radio and writing. Beyond their solo creative practice, they are also an active artistic collaborator, and have worked on projects with musicians, sound artists, dancers, visual artists and filmmakers. Dobbin’s work has been presented and reviewed nationally and internationally, and they have received both provincial and federal grants. In addition to their art practice, Dobbin is also a passionate educator — employing music, sound, play and improvisation as tools for self-awareness.

Lindsay Dobbin articulated… the magical and imperceptible changes that happen within both the natural world and our own bodies, a churning and ever-changing ambience that’s only partially within our knowable realms.” — Chart Attack


The works I create are environmental studies, rooted in place, community, felt and visible memory, (lost) history, nature, ancestry, ritual, healing, spirituality and communication. I intend to dissolve the surface associations we have with the world around us in order to connect with dream-like or enchanted imaginings, etched deep in our psyche. Through placing myself and my practice in relation to the invisible histories and physical processes of the body and environment, I’ve found that all things are witnesses and record keepers that one can communicate with, tapping into deep sources of wisdom. By revealing these intangible stories through my art, I hope to create an experience of what is not only evidently present in our surroundings, but what is underneath and felt as well.