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Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone is a free spirit who dares to dream. Raised by a fiercely strong single mom and older brother Birk, in North Bay, Ontario, she was always surrounded with love and support and fortunate enough to inherit her family’s peacekeeping qualities as mishiike dodem.

Aqua has an incredible ability to take pain and turn it into medicine. She learned this through the healing of her hand drum, as she allowed the heart beat to comfort her in some very dark times. Aqua is a true storyteller and is passionate about sharing her life experiences with all. She believes we are all teachers and have much to learn from one another.

Aqua has survived many battles, she, like many, is a Warrior. She speaks her truth no matter the consequence. She is a person who strives to grow constantly and continuously. She has overcome and it is her belief, that we, as a community, will also continue to overcome, the pain and fear that was once instilled in us.

Aqua believes in the universal language of love- music, to communicate with all of humanity, all of creators beings, has always been her dream. By listening and sharing her music, you are lending a hand in making her dreams come true, for that, she is forever grateful.