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Heather Majaury (Algonquin Nation) is of Algonquin and British Isles settler descent.  She grew up in traditional Algonquin unceded territory.  She most recently created, with the help of Pat the Dog Playwright Development Centre, MT Space,  and the newly formed Kaleidoscope Collective, an impressionistic mono-drama called This Is My Drum.  It recounts and honours, through bio-myth, the complex history of her family, as original people, who were never registered under Canada’s Indian Act. Through the play she recounts the journey of a non-status Algonquin woman’s desire to re-turn to and re-create home.  Her most important collaborator on this project is her (Kokomis) grandmother, who crossed over to the spirit world on Canada Day, during play development.  She was 94 years old.  Heather is an Artistic Associate of MT Space Theatre and sits on the Artisitic Directors’ circle of the Kaleidoscope Collective. She produced the first two years of the IMPACT International Theatre Festival and while she learned a great deal in that process she still felt compelled to work on her own creative projects. She recently completed her MA in Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph and works as a forum theatre Joker from time to time. She will be touring with Sheatre this spring on a new interactive place addressing homophobia with teens. She is the proud mother of Myrriah Xochilt Gomez-Majaury and currently lives in Waterloo Ontario.