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Cree, Fort Albany First Nation

Singer/Song Writer, Rosary Spence, is an Aboriginal musician and entrepreneur with a powerhouse of a voice, soulful indigenous styles and innovative spirit. Born and raised on the Western Shores of James Bay, Cree Territory in Northern Ontario, Spence strongly believes in the ability to heal our communities and change our path in life through the strength of the youth in our First Nations’ communities both in urban and rural settings.

Spence has a background and experience as a Social Worker, an Educator and as a Performing Artist. Music has been a lifetime journey for Spence, singing since childhood and playing an array of instruments since her early teens. When Spence’s soulful voice fills the room, it becomes evident that she is one of those artists whose sounds are truly heartfelt, awakening emotions from within. Spence’s first album, “Maashkoziiwin”, a word for Strength in her ancestral tongue – Cree, is currently being produced Maashkoziiwin is infused with both the contemporary sounds of urban beats, acoustic guitar and traditional vocals. Spence has been song writing for several years and has long anticipated this up and coming CD release.

Spence has many years of experience in Aboriginal Fine Arts and has an extensive background facilitating workshops and presentations in schools, community centres, social agencies and related organizations. Spence delivers informational hands-on workshops that are available for any age-group. “Explore First Nations arts and culture through hands-on informational workshops presentations, including aboriginal song and dance demonstrations. Each of the projects encompass traditional aspects of First Nations art and culture designed to educate and develop creativity and understanding. The workshops or presentations can be adapted to suit any age group and can be facilitated in your organization, school or community.” – Rosary Spence