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Dione Joseph is a theatre director and writer with an academic and performance background in community and cultural development. Over the past six years she has directed a range of productions including new dramas by contemporary writers, classics and their adaptations, experimental works, musicals, comedies and community-based theatre productions.

In addition, she has written extensively as an arts reviewer and journalist and her academic research engages with poetics of Indigenous performance, performance as research and the developing new forms of dialogue that explore the importance of community based engagement within performance. Her work also extends to supporting Indigenous models as a creative advisor. She has been a guest artist-in-residence in Canada and China, given workshops and presented at international Indigenous Festivals and is undertaking long-term research in Maori performance in New Zealand.

Most recently, Dione has completed a month long residency at the University of Saskatchewan as a Visiting Scholar in the drama department teaching across theatre, gender studies and native studies. She also gave two public talks (Saskatoon and Regina) exploring the importance of oral storytelling and the need for community consultation when undertaking Indigenous research methodologies.

During her month in Toronto she will be giving a number of public talks exploring and engaging with Indigenous performance especially drawing upon Australian examples. During this time she will also be preparing for her next work with Scottish based company The Clipperton Project which involves a month expedition down the Usumacintha during the month of May. Dione’s aim is to develop a script that explores the range of river conversations engaging with notions of eco-sustainability within an Indigenous context.

She looks forward to connecting with other artists who are engaged with exploring Indigenous performance particularly in an international context and further developing relations between Canada, New Zealand and Australia.