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By committing to the rock genre, Colette Trudeau proves that she has always liked to run with the big boys. Trudeau first shot to notoriety as the vocalist for the all-female rock band LiveonRelease. Signed to Her Majesty Records/Warner Music Canada, Trudeau co-wrote their hit single “I’m afraid of Britney Spears,” which appeared in the movie Dude, Where’s My Car?

The passion for music never left Trudeau after LiveonRelease disbanded. Colette was even more focused and determined to make it, but this time, on her own terms. She began working with top producers/songwriters Bananatoons Productions and SA Trackworks and honed her writing skills.

Her first single “I Don’t Wanna Know” found its way onto multiple CHUM radio stations top 20 charts with its powerful guitars and hooky chorus. Trudeau’s songs “Don’t Say Goodbye” was added to the movie “The Breakup Artist” in 2009. Her song “Freeze” will be in the upcoming 2011 release of “Dancing Ninja”

With a large arsenal of songs in her back pocket, Trudeau released her self-titled CD in June 2010. Trudeau exploded into the Aboriginal Music scene with a nomination for “Best Rock CD” and performance at the 2010 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards. She is also a featured artist on the 2011 TV series “Breaking New Beats” on APTN.