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Duane Grant is Haisla from Kitamaat Village and Nuu-Chah-nuthl from Port Alberni. His Haisla name is c’ee’hix̅id and he is from the Raven clan. Duane was born and raised in Kitamaat, and lived there for most of his life. In 2010 Duane did one term of Media Broadcasting: Radio at BCIT in Burnaby but didn’t finish and he moved back to Kitamaat. In January 2013 he decided to move back to Burnaby BC to have a “fresh start” and see where life took him.

In 2010 Duane joined the Git Hayetsk Dance Group, lead by Mike & Mique’l Dangeli but stepped away when he moved back home. When he moved back to Burnaby in 2013, he rejoined the Git Hayetsk Dancers and started apprenticing with Mike & Mique’l Dangeli. He is now learning to carve, make regalia, paint, dance, and drawing First Nation art.

When he was living in Kitamaat he worked for his community’s radio station, Kitamaat Village Radio (KVR 96.1FM), starting in 2006. In 2008 he became the radio station manager until 2010. While working at KVR he started learning and growing closer to his culture.

In 2006/2007 he participated in the Star in Your Own Stories with Chee Mamuk, Hello Cool World 11 other youth from the Haisla Nation. In just a few days we produced and stared in our own little story called Stand True. Stand True talks about how rumors can spread around like HIV/AIDS. Through Stand True, Duane was able to travel all over BC and he even traveled to Toronto, Ontario for the first time!

Duane came out to his family on May 4, 2010, but knew he was two-spirited at an early age. Through his travels he did with Stand True he met many other Two-Spirited people who were out, strong and proud to be two-spirited, he looked up to them for guidance during his journey.

Duane hopes to one day bring his knowledge back home and start teaching the next generation what he has learned!