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Daniel Knight is a Cree actor/musician/songwriter/Sound Designer/Projection design COV alumni hailing from Muskoday First Nations. Daniel Knight’s introduction to theatre started with the Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company’s Circle of Voices program, He learned a lot about the theatre arts and the craft of an actor, What he cherished most about the program was the professional development skills, where he learned that  positive attitude paired with determination are the keys to success. Daniel Knight attended First Nations University, where he sought to be an English teacher, but the call to the stage was so overpowering that Daniel decided to return to SNTC and enter their fire spirit and red spirit programs for further training as an actor. Daniel Knight also was the Aboriginal Artist in residence at the Persephone Theatre, which furthered his interpersonal skills, honed his craft as an actor and was mentored in Administration and Publicity. a few highlights of highlight acting credits include An Imagination Odyssey (SNTC), A History of Breathing (Persephone Theatre), Hawk or how he learned to play his song (Onelight Theatre), The Canada Show, Treeboy (Persephone Theatre).