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‘Heather Bell’ Callaghan is a local girl who loves the outdoors and was born and raised in the Southern Yukon. She is of Inland-Coastal Tlingit and Norwegian/Irish Ancestry and takes pride in learning about her roots from both of her parent’s cultural backgrounds. Her first artistic mentor was her Grandma, Tlingit Artist Eliza Bosely (nee Fox), who lovingly shared with her Granddaughter various technical skills, and design ideas, that she thought were both useful and beautiful. Heather is from the Eagle-Killerwhale Clan and has spent the last 10 yrs traveling internationally, studying art, playing outside, taking dance classes, and learning as she goes. Her time working in the field as a park ranger on the Chilkoot Trail, from 2006-2011, and growing up on the Haines Road allowed her much time in the mountains where she cultivated a deep love of our rugged home. This last winter she reconnected with her love of Rendezvous, snowboarding and the fun of painting. She works in various mixed media from acrylics, metals, textiles, recycle-upcycle art, sewing, and photography.

Some of Heather’s Tlingit Woven Art has been accepted by the Yukon Permanent Art Collection and is currently on exhibit in Whitehorse. She has been part of exhibits in Vancouver and some amazing international cultural exchanges where she has been able to share art with communities in New Zealand, Japan, Hawaii and other places she has visited in Central America, Africa and others.

She loves to create traditional regalia, as it always brings her back to her roots with her Grandma Eliza, and helps to contribute, alongside other artisans, to the cultural community of our northern home.

Her philosophy with art and life is “the more you learn, the more you realize there is to learn”.