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Melaina Sheldon is an Inland Tlingit woman of the Deisheetaan Clan hailing from Teslin, Yukon Territory.  She sits as the president of Gwaandak Theatre and is also a costume designer and performer. She achieved her first acting and design debut in 2010 with Patti Flather’s one woman show, Me and the Girls and continued on with design, producing costumes for Leonard Linklater’s play Justice (2012). She has apprenticed under actress PJ Prudat and director Yvette Nolan on Kenneth T. Williams’ Cafe Daughter (2013)and in 2014 Melaina returned to the stage in Keith Barker’s The Hours That Remain.  Melaina is very passionate about First Nation culture, heritage, governance and art and she looks forward to a lifetime of working for and on behalf of Indigenous peoples nationally & internationally.  Guna┼échèesh!