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The Membertou Heritage Park Mission statement: “…Experience the stories and oral history regarding the people of the Community of Membertou through enactments and cultural presentations. Walk with us through the Membertou Heritage Park and learn about the unique history, heritage and culture through educational and interactive experiences…”

Membertou Heritage Park Objectives

  • Develop Advanced Mi’kmaq Language programming and workshops to be offered to the general public.
  • Develop tour programming for the Cruise ship tours and general admission tours.
  • Determine interest level of local partners willing to work with Heritage Park.
  • Work with Human resources to recruit and provide training for staff.
  • Develop various means of funding operations through revenues, and good will. Keep spending low. Leverage culture and Heritage programs that share and/or reduce charges.
  • Product development for the gift shop.
  • Maintain a level of professional service and programming delivered at the Park.
  • Revise and further development of current Policies and Procedures.
  • Review and further development of the data analysis policies and procedures.
  • Review online advertising/websites to keep information updated and accurate.
  • To ensure the respect of Mi’kmaq ceremonies and cultural protocol are maintained.
  • To ensure continuous meeting are held with Elders advisory committee meeting.
  • Continue development of landscape of cultural grounds of Park.