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Kaha:wi Dance Theatre (pronounced Ga-Ha-Wee) is an artist based company founded by Artistic Director/choreographer Mohawk Santee Smith. KDT creates professional dance productions and is committed to showcasing and exploring Aboriginal culture. Santee Smith has become known for successfully blending traditional and contemporary dance elements. This dance expression can be broadly described as contemporary Aboriginal dance.

KDT’s vision is to be a centre for creativity, innovation, artistry and Aboriginal expression that reflects, honours and celebrates the integrity of Aboriginal culture. Its mission is to create, present and promote Aboriginal artistic expression to diverse audiences. It does this by combining dance and associated disciplines such as music, storytelling, theatre and design, drawing inspiration from contemporary and traditional Aboriginal forms.

KDT’s A Story Before Time was nominated in 2008 for two Dora Mavor Moore: Outstanding Production in the Dance Division and Outstanding Performance (Ensemble) in the Dance Division. KDT’s Here on Earth (”Dancing with Spirit” Series) was nominated in 2008 for one Gemini Award: Best Performance in a Performing Arts Series. In 2009, KDT received the National Museum of the American Indian Expressive Arts Award for TransMigration.