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In 2016 nistamîkwan was created as a way to honour the continuum of artistic growth and creative partnerships formed by Métis multidisciplinary artist and performer Moe Clark. For the past eight years Clark has created vital and diverse collaborations in Montreal and beyond, offering live performances and community-based expressive arts workshops with an emphasis in music, voice, poetry and movement. Stemming from these collaborations, nistamîkwan grows from the desire to acknowledge the resiliency of relationships and create forums for further exchange. nistamîkwan, translated from nêhiyawêwin (Plains Cree language) means “first feather”, and represents the transformation that is possible when voices come together in an act of creation. Bridging indigenous and non-indigenous cultures through inclusive creative collaborations, nistamîkwan encourages intergenerational, interdisciplinary and intercultural exchanges.

nistamîkwan is a performing and transformational arts organization bridging indigenous and non-indigenous artists with community through inclusive creative projects. Founded by multidisciplinary Métis artist Moe Clark, nistamîkwan encourages community engagement and creative expression through education, collaboration and performance opportunities in realms of music, poetry, dance, theatre, and film. Interdisciplinary, intergenerational and intercultural in nature, projects are created with and for participants to gain greater awareness of their personal and collective capacities as creators. nistamîkwan brings artists from distinct cultural communities together to create, perform and disseminate interdisciplinary live performances at festivals, in community forums and showcases. Artistic dialogues connecting traditional teachings with contemporary practices inspire these works, including exploration of technology and new mediums. Through an improvised and collective process, artists envision creative outcomes together, with an emphasis on storytelling and performance.