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The SFU Woodward’s Audain Gallery presents:

As part of the exhibition Mapping the Everyday: Neighbourhood Claims for the Futureand in partnership with The Ellen and Warren Tallman Writer in Residence Program at Simon Fraser University’s English Department, the Audain Gallery is pleased to announce a series of events in the gallery featuring the work of red diva projects and their collaborators.

Jesus Indian (2010, run time: 8 minutes)

Film screening and discussion red diva projects will screen and discuss their short film Jesus Indian, produced by red diva projects and Frog Girl Films.

As part of red diva projects’ new creative initiative, the “Prison Chronicles”, Jesus Indian tells the “brown, down, and out” story of a jailed and dying “No-Name Aboriginal woman” and her fellow inmates, both real and spiritual. Together they embark on a “lyrical journey” towards “ultimate resurrection,” revealing and challenging the “experiences that continue to en-cage them.”

The Language of Love (2010, run time: 10 minutes)

A new documentary short by Marie Clements and Frog Girl Films about the life of Stephen Lytton, will also be screened and discussed.

The Language of Love is a ten-minute documentary featuring writer/actor/activist Stephen Lytton’s raw and poetic articulation of the fourteen years he endured in the residential school system—a child’s survival redefines itself as the artful embodiment of a man.

About red diva projects:

red diva projects is a collaborative project between veteran artists Michelle St. John and Marie Clements. They are committed to deepening the vocabulary and aesthetic style of integrative Indigenous performance and creating and producing new innovative work. Their films include Tombs of the Vanishing Indian, The Road Forward, and Jesus Indian.

Working in theatre, performance, film, multi-media, radio, and television, Marie Clements is a prolific and award-winning performer, playwright, screenwriter, director, and producer. She is also the founding artistic director of Urban Ink Productions and Fathom Labs Highway, the co-founder and producing partner of Frog Girl Films, and the Artistic Director of red diva projects. Clements is currently The Ellen and Warren Tallman Writer in Residence at Simon Fraser University English Department.

Michelle St. John is a Dora nominated and two-time Gemini Award winning actor with more than 30 years of experience in film, television, theatre, voice, and music. Co-Founder of Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble, a Native women’s theatre company based in Toronto, St. John is currently a producing partner with Evan Adams and Marie Clements in Frog Girl Films and the Artistic Producer of red diva projects

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