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Spakwus Slolem (translated: Eagle Song Dancers) are members of the Squamish Nation, geographically located in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. Spakwus Slolem presentations brings out “Chiax,” the protocol and laws of our canoe culture, of our Longhouses. Some of our Elders today still have memories of early years, travelling across the waters in great canoes to visit Family in distant land , and exercising our Chiax. Spakwus Slolem presents a glimpse into this culture through singing/drumming and dance, and audience participation.

A Great Canoe gathering took place in 1993, called “The Gaatuwas”, in Bella Bella, B.C., paddlers from the Squamish sea-going Canoe enjoyed the culture so much they decided to continue, and eventually became known as Spakwus Slolem (Eagle Song Dancers), travelling and presenting locally, nationally, and in Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.