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Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre (GTNT) (formerly Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company) is an award-winning performing arts organization.

GTNT is dedicated to the creation, development and presentation of dynamic and innovative productions based on Aboriginal world views.  Through artistic activities and programs, GTNT empowers the greater Saskatoon and Saskatchewan community.  GTNT productions transend the borders of traditional theatre blending Aboriginal culture, language and history into its narratives.

The Saskatoon based company is continually striving for artistic excellence and is re-emerging as one of the premiere indigenous performing arts companies creatinguniquely Aboriginal productions with world class artists in Canada..

Productions 2011-2012:  

  • Kohkoms In Toyland: A Rez Christmas Story written/directed by Curtis Peeteetuce (Dec. 1-10, 2011)
  • Where The Blood Mixes by Kevin Loring (March 1-11, 2012)

Artistic Mission Statement

GTNT is a small Aboriginal performance and mentoring theatre company that focuses on encouraging youth to engage in the performing arts and increasing inter-racial understanding.  We do this through professional and community theatre productions, theatre training and as hosts to community events, symposiums and workshops.  Aboriginal culture and values are the foundation for our theatre practice, through which we strive to strengthen our community..

Artistic Vision

GTNT has brought its core strength back as the heart of its artistic intent; our present focus is to build on our strong legacy of involving Aboriginal youth in all aspects of theatre practice.  This vision includes our founding members (to respect their hard work, successes and struggles), as well as those working today to increase the involvement of Aboriginal talent in all aspects of the performing arts.  Our dream is for future generations – to mentor and build the skills of young Aboriginal actors, technicians, playwrights and others so that they can acquire the skills to be productively employed in theatre.  To this end, SNTC will continue to be an Aboriginal training and mentoring theatre company, focused on encouraging youth to enter into the performing arts.  As in the past, our productions will focus on increasing inter-racial understanding in the diverse Saskatoon and Saskatchewan community.