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Mission Statement- Adäka Cultural Society

Acting as the legacy organization for the YFN 2010 Project at the Vancouver Olympics, the Adäka Cultural Society aims to foster the development of Yukon First Nations art, craft, and culture.  Adäka means “coming into the light” and the Society is committed to shining a light on the creative spirit of our First Nations people, assisting all our performing and visual artists to continue developing and coming into their own light for the benefit of all present and future generations.  The Society is the host of the annual Adäka Cultural Festival.

Mission Statement- Adäka Cultural Festival

To develop and deliver a world-class, iconic festival that showcases, celebrates, and fosters the development of Yukon’s diverse and distinctive First Nations arts and culture.


  • To stimulate, facilitate, and foster preservation and development of Yukon First Nations arts and culture
  • Present and promote diverse Yukon First Nations arts and culture to resident and visitor audiences
  • Build Yukon’s economy through enhanced Yukon First Nations cultural and tourism industries
  • Create sustainable revenue generation for Yukon First Nations artists and entrepreneurs
  • Expand markets for YFN cultural industries in Yukon and beyond
  • Create opportunities for Yukon First Nations artist to collaborate with peers in Yukon and beyond to share inspiration, knowledge, and skills
  • Develop local, national, and international audiences, networks, and linkages to brand the event and Yukon as a preferred cultural tourism destination
  • Inspire and support future generations of Yukon First Nations artists and performers