Call for Students - Toronto

-Submission deadline February 3, 2017-

StudentsCall for artist collaborators

Canadian Opera Company, Opera Creation Project
March 20-May 15
Toronto area schools

Artist collaborator with a background in theatre, to work on an opera creation project with grade 6 students.

“I am reaching out with regards to an arts education project that I am working on in conjunction with the Canadian Opera Company. We are looking for at least one collaborator with a background in theatre to work with students in up to 5 schools over a 9 week period, beginning in the spring of this year.

The create an opera program is focused on giving students an opportunity to explore the art form, by working to develop a story from concept to concert.
Although this collaboration is occurring in conjunction with the production of Louis Riel, the team of artistic collaborators (myself included) will be leading the creative direction and scope of the program.

My role in the project is currently to present workshops to four classes in each of the schools, based around a series of traditional Métis folk songs, stories, fiddle music, and jigging. This will provide the participants with a foundation of learning upon which they can develop their artistic response. One class from each school will participate in the create an opera project.”

Contact: Conlin