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Call for Volunteers - Toronto

-Email your interest by WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 1, 2017-

THE LUNAR SCHISM -Short film (experimental/surrealist/queer/indigenous)

LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEER ACTORS/DANCERS for small supporting roles in ceremonial scenes and ballroom scene

Location: Toronto
Salary: Volunteer/transit tokens available for rehearsals and production. Honorariums dependent upon crowd-funding success.

Production Dates: April 1-7 (two days, one day on weekend + one weekday) + 1 half day shoot in March for opening scene and coverage

Closing Date: February 3, 2017

Details and Requirements:
The Lunar Schism is an Indigenous art-house production that will include movement, dance, and original music. The story follows a young, indigenous, gender-fluid youth that is chosen by a divine lunar eclipse to become an Anima (a hyper-feminine being) and enter a foreign world of hyper femininity and sexuality. For film festival distribution and screenings in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Talent required for the following rehearsals and shooting dates:
Group A (ages 16-22): 2 Rehearsals in February + 1 shooting day in March
Group B (ages 22-35): 4-5 Rehearsals in March + 2 shooting days in April

GROUP A: age 16-22, all genders, preference for ambiguous & non-binary, all ethnicities, no defining masculine/feminine features to play child-like tribe.

GROUP B: age 22-35, preference for feminine features, all genders welcome, and all ethnicities welcome to play hyper-feminine divine deities that perform a movement based ritual/ceremony & a ballroom scene. Preference for Actors/Dancers that own glamorous clothing and comfortable doing their own make-up/hair as needed. Dancers/actors comfortable with sensual movement or contemporary dance experience, vogue, and twerk an asset.

CASTING DATE: February 3 & 4, 2017
TIME: 6-9 PM & 2-5 PM
LENGTH: 10 minutes slots (must be confirmed)
LOCATION: Talent will be emailed details

Actors/Dancers will be provided a screen test for movement/dance.

Please email your interest by WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 1, 2017
Please include:
- a short biography
- any prior experience/knowledge
- headshot
- contact information
- and/or questions.

JL Whitecrow

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