IPAA Network Coordinator Brittany Ryan created this report as a resource for our community:

Freedom To Engage a report on an Indigenous Performance Agreement


The IPAA Journals

This bi-annual journal was founded in our commitment to encouraging communication, circulating ideas and information, and empowering the Indigenous performing arts community across time and space.

It provided another medium by which Indigenous performing artists, arts organizations, and interested people to engage each other.  IPAA can benefit the Indigenous performing arts community when we:

  • enable ongoing dialogue,
  • claim and expand an open, accessible, and assured space across geographical and artistic differences, and
  • recreate the inspiring performance experience central to why performing arts is vital to protecting and celebrating Indigenous culture and community.

We hope you enjoy these journals and join us for future opportunities to discuss Indigenous performance!

Sharing Space

Sharing Space, Spring 2013 

Claiming Space

Claiming Space, Spring 2012


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