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by Category & Date


Rolling Deadlines (apply 6-8 weeks prior)

Live Performances , FACTOR

Travel grants to Media Arts Professionals



May 2nd: New Aboriginal Musicians Travel Grant – Administered by NDN Talent Collective on Behalf of the Ontario Arts Council

March 1st: Aboriginal Peoples Music: Project Grants – Canada Council for the Arts

Feb.23rd: Marketing and Touring Fund , Starmaker Fund

Feb.15th: Music Festival Travel , Canada Council for the Arts

Feb.14th: Tour Support , FACTOR

Feb.1st: Community Collaboration in Music , Canada Council for the Arts

January 28th – Juried Sound Recording , FACTOR

January 28th – New Artist Demo , FACTOR

‪Dec.1st: Music Touring Program (Canada Council for the Arts)



Sept – January : Theatre Creators Reserve , OAC

Dec. 1st: Theatre Touring & Special Initiatives (Canada Council for the Arts)



Apr. 1st: Dance Initiatives , OAC

Sept. 15th: Aboriginal and Culturally Diverse Dance Training , OAC

Oct. 1st: Dance Touring Grants-National, Canada Council for the Arts

Oct 1st: Dance Touring Grants – International programs, Canada Council for the Arts



June 21st: (Re)conciliation: The Canada Council for the Arts

May. 1st: “Aboriginal Peoples: Creations Grants for Writers and Storytellers”

Apr. 20th: Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities – Status of Women in Canada

April. 15th: Indigenous Pathways Initiative – Arts Grant – Saskatchewan Arts Board

April 1st: Aboriginal Media Arts – Canada Council for the Arts

Mar. 1st: Arts Education Projects – Ontario Arts Council

Mar. 1st: Artists in the Community / Workplace – Ontario Arts Council

Feb.17th: Aboriginal Arts Projects (OAC)

Feb.2nd: Aboriginal Presenters (OAC)

Jan. 15th: Aboriginal Artists In Schools Ontario Arts Council – Conseil des arts de l’Ontario

Dec. 15th Creative Engagement Fund to stop sexual Violence and Harassment in Ontario. Ontario Arts Council – Conseil des arts de l’Ontario