A Living List

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Created in collaboration with Debajehmujig Storytellers and the National Arts Centre English Theatre during The Cycle: Indigenous Theatre.

Rather than the exclusionary notion of an Indigenous ‘canon’ we choose to celebrate our diverse performance community with this Body Of Work. This compilation of Indigenous-led works is incomplete.

Please add to our living list by emailing us: info@ipaa.ca 

Adams, Evan & Clements Marie – Dirty Dog River
Adams, Evan – Snapshot
Annis, Heather-Marie – The Longest Way Around
Arcan, Warren Ralph – The Dark Virgin
Arluk, Reneltta – TUMIT

Baker, Marie – Albeit Aboriginal
Barker, Keith – From Nothing
Barker, Keith – The Hours That Remain
Barker, Keith – This Is How We Got Here
Barnes, Herbie – Bent Boy
Beagan, Tara – Anatomy of an Indian
Beagan, Tara – A Soldier’s Tale
Beagan, Tara – Bad As I Am
Beagan, Tara – Bluebeard’s Wi7e
Beagan, Tara – Dear Louis Riel
Beagan, Tara – Dreary and Izzy
Beagan, Tara – Foundlings
Beagan, Tara – Here, Boy!
Beagan, Tara – Jesus Chrysler
Beagan, Tara – Miss Julie: Sheh’mah
Beagan, Tara – Thy Neighbour’s Wife
Beagan, Tara – Trans Canada
Beagan, Tara – free as injuns
Beagan, Tara – In Spirit
Beagan, Tara – It’s Always You
Beagan, Tara – The Fort at York (lead writer, collective creation)
Beagan, Tara – The Ministry of Grace
Beagan, Tara – The Red Room: My Pleasure
Beagan, Tara – The Woods
Beagan, Tara – They Know Not What They Do
Beagan, Tara – RECONCILIATION (with Andy Moro)
Belanger, Mariel – A Little While
Bell, Kim John – In the Land of Spirits
Bobb, Columpa  – Creation – My Mother’s Story
Bobb, Columpa  – Dinky
Borst, Murielle – More than Feathers and Beads
Braverock, Carl – Indian Daze
Buck, Sadie & Alejandro Ronceria – Bones
Burning, Jack – Dog Soldier

Campbell, Maria – The Alley
Campbell, Maria & Daniels, Henry – One More Time
Campbell, Maria & Griffiths, Linda – Jessica
Cardinal, Ben – Bones
Cardinal, Ben – Generic Warrior & No-Name Indians
Cardinal, Cliff – Maria Gets a New Life
Cardinal, Cliff – Stitch
Cardinal, Cliff – Huff
Charlette , Kennetch – The Sweat
Charlette , Kennetch & Cheechoo, Shirley & King, Alanis – Nanabush of the 80’s
Cheechoo, Shirley – Moose River Crossing
Cheechoo, Shirley – Path With No Moccasins
Cheechoo, Shirley – The River Of Life
Cheechoo, Shirley – Shadow People
Cheechoo, Shirley & Greta – Your Dream Was Mine
Cheechoo, Shirley & King, Alanis – Nothing Personal
Cheechoo, Shirley & King, Alanis – Respect the Voice of the Child
Chiang, George & Jonathan Fisher – Dances With Gold Dust
Chinook Winds – Aboriginal Dance Project
Chocolate Woman Collective – Chocolate Woman Dreams The Milky Way
Clements, Marie – Burning Vision
Clements, Marie – Copper Thunderbird
Clements, Marie – The Edward Curtis Project
Clements, Marie – The Road Forward
Clements, Marie – Tombs of the Vanishing Indian
Clements, Marie – Unnatural and Accidental Women
Clements, Marie – Urban Tattoo
Cloutier, Sylvia & Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory – Tulugak
Collin, Marco – Tu é Moi
Command, Janice – Manabouzhou and the Wolves
Connolly, Jacinthe; Véronique Hébert et Dave Jenniss – Écorce de nos silences

Dalton, Jack – Assimilation
Dancers of Damelahamid – Dancing our Stories
Dancers of Damelahamid – Spirit and Tradition
Dandurand, A. Joseph – Shake
Dandurand, A. Joseph – No Totem For My Story
Dandurand, A. Joseph – Please Do Not Touch The Indians
Dandurand, A. Joseph – Chili and His Day of Glory
Dandurand, A. Joseph – Sell Fish
Dandurand, A. Joseph – Th’owxiya the Hungry Feast Dish
Daniels, Greg – Four Horses
Daniels, Greg – Percy’s Edge
Davies, Olivia C. – Conversation
Davies, Olivia C. – Open Fire
Davies, Olivia C. – The Falling Stars
Dauenhauer, Norma Marks – The Raven Plays
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – An Honour Story
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – Dear Daphne
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – Elders Gone A.W.O.L
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – Ever That Nanabush (based on the stories of Daphne Odjig)
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – From Sinew to Sequins
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – Jiis Giizhigat (Turnip Day)
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – New World Brave
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – Norval-A Born Artist
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – Our Relations
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – SKY, An Aboriginal Dance Drama
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – The Best Medicine Show
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – The Gift
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – The Global Savages
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – The Gulch
Debajehmujig Theatre Group  - The Indian Affairs
Debajehmujig Theatre Group  - The Jerry Jessie Jones Show
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – The Peace Tree
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – The Seven Grandfather Teachings
Debajehmujig Theatre Group – Thunderers and Water Monsters
Debajehmujig Theatre Group with Bruce Naokwegijig – The Four Axes
Debajehmujig Theatre Group with Bruce Naokwegijig – The Meeting
Debassige, Diane – Judgments Too Severe
Debassige, Diane – First Love
Dieter, Connie – Yvonne’s Playground
Dieter, Mark – Love Songs From a War Drum
Dieter, Mark – RRAP
Dieter, Mark – The Pursuit of Indian Hollywood
Dieter, Mark – Where Spirits Walk
Dietz, Steven – The Remembering
Dennis, Darrell – Tales of an Urban Indian
Dennis, Darrell – The Trickster of Third Avenue East
Denomme-Welch, Spy – Exit Eagle Eye
Denomme-Welch, Spy & Catherine Magowan – Giiwedin
Dudoward, Val – Teach Me the Ways of the Sacred Circle
Dumont, Dawn - Crystal Clear
Dumont, Dawn – Fancy Dancer
Dumont, Dawn – Four Directions
Dumont, Dawn – Hamlet
Dumont, Dawn – Nicimos
Dumont, Dawn – Spirited Angels
Dumont, Dawn – Spirit Song
Dumont, Dawn – Stalker
Dunn, Carolyn – Ghost Dance (Double Sided)
Durand, Yves – Un Monde qui s’achève-Lola
Durand, Yves Sioui & Catherine Joncas – Ukuamaq

Elliot, Cathy – Aluasa’sit
Elliot, Cathy – The Talking Stick (Charlottetown Festival)
Elter, Sheldon – Metis Mutt
Eshkibok, Gloria May – Cyclops Beauty

Favel, Floyd – Attawapiskat
Favel, Floyd – Governor of the Dew
Favel, Floyd – The Learning
Favel, Floyd – Lady of Silences
Fisher, Leonard – School of Hardknocks
Fleming, Neil – Red n White
Fobister, Wawaate – Agokwe
Fobister, Wawaate – Medicine Boy
Francis, Marvin – The Bush Painter
Frazier A. & Kelleher M. – Iron Mountain
Friday, Christine – Passage
Friday, Christine – Resurgence 1

Garcia, Maura – Ahwisgvsvo’i
Garcia, Maura – People
Gin, Steven – A Trick of Truth / Les Fourberies de la Verité
Gould, Glen – Eagleheart
Greyeyes, Michael & Floyd Favel – Buffalo Jump
Greyeyes, Micheal – Nohkom
Gummerson, Penny – Is There Bingo in Heaven
Gummerson, Penny – Wawatay
Guno, Larry – Bunk #7

Highway, Rene – New Song, New Dance
Highway , Tomson – Aria
Highway, Tomson – Annie and the Old One
Highway, Tomson – A Ridiculous Spectacle in One Act
Highway, Tomson – A Trickster Tale
Highway, Tomson – Caribou Song
Highway, Tomson – Dry Lips Oughta Move To Kapuskasing
Highway, Tomson – Ernestine Shuswap Gets Her Trout
Highway, Tomson – I Have Seen the Giant
Highway, Tomson – Pimooteewin
Highway, Tomson – Rose
Highway, Tomson – The Incredible Adventures of Mary Jane Mosquito
Highway, Tomson – The Large Tit
Highway, Tomson – The (Post)Mistress
Highway, Tomson – The Rez Sisters
Highway, Tomson – The Sage, The Dancer & The Fool

Innuinuuit Theatre Company/Nalujuk Players- Braindead
Isaac M. – I Know Where the North Is
Ivins, Terry – Time Stands Still

James, Andrea – Yanagai! Yanagai!
Jensen, Lorre – The Shaman of Waz
Jenniss, Dave – Wulustek
Jacko, Esther – The Thunderbird Children
Jacko, Esther – Lupi, The Great White Wolf
Joe J.B. – Edge of the Circle
Joe J.B. – Ravens
Johnson, Falen – Salt Baby
Johnson, Falen – Two Indians

Kahawi Dance Theatre – The Honouring
Kahawi Dance Theatre – TransMigration
Kam Lab Theatre/NEPA- Native Images in Transition
Kane, Margo – Confessions of an Indian Cowboy
Kane, Margo – Moonlodge
Kane, Margo – Reflections in the Medicine Wheel
Kane, Margo – The River Home
Kasokeo, Deanne – Truth Hurts
Keeptwo, Suzanne – All My Relations
Keeshig-Tobias, Lenore – Word Magic
Keeshig-Tobias, Lenore – Quest for Fire
King, Alanis – Bye Bye Beneshe
King, Alanis – Born Buffalo
King, Alanis – Lovechild
King, Alanis – The Art Show – The Daphne Odijig Story
King, Alanis – If Jesus Met Nanabush
King, Alanis – The Tommy Prince Story
King, Alanis – The Manitoulin Incident
King, Bruce – Wolfe in Camp
King, Bruce – Evening At the Warbonnet
King, Thomas – Coyote Solstice
Kramer, Lara – The Indian Problem
Kramer, Lara – NGS (”Native Girl Syndrome”)

Lakevold D. & Racine D. – Stretching Hide
LaRiviere, Wayne – Pewase-nakwun
Laronde, Sandra – Underworlds
Laronde, Sandra – Tono
Lauzon, Jani, Merasty Billy, Mojica Monique, & Perez F. – A Savage Equilibrium
Lauzon, Jani – A Side of Dreams
Lauzon, Jani – I Call Myself Princess
Lauzon, Jani – On the Toad to Freedom
Lawrenchuk, Michael – Big Bear
Lemay, Harding – Return Upriver
Lewis, Larry – New Voices Woman
Linklater, Leonard – Justice
Linklater, Leonard & Patti Flather – 60 Below
Loring, Kevin – Where the Blood Mixes
Loyie, Larry – Ora Pro Nobis (Pray For Us)
Luna, James – In My Dreams Articles
Luna, James – In My Dreams

Mahoney, M – Overnight
Mahto, Jamison – Blues for Franklin Avenue
Manitowabi, Darrel – Lost Warrior
Many Fingers, Justin – 509
Many Fingers, Justin – Okatoks
Many Fingers, Justin & Solomon, Brian – What’s Left Of Us
Mason, Tina – Diva Ojibway
Matthews, Pamela – Juliet igwa Romeo The Chief’s Son
Matthews, Pamela – The Tempest (adaptation)
McIntyre, D. – Circle Games
Mcleod, John – Diary of a Crazy Boy
McMahon, Ryan – Cousins
Medicine, S. – Big Shot
Menard, Andrea – The Velvet Devil
Merasty, William – Fireweed
Merasty, William – Godly’s Divinia
Merasty, William – Going Through Deja Vu
Messier, Jean-Frédéric et Yves Sioui Durand – Hamlet le Malécite
Miguel, Gloria – Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Miguel, Muriel – Trail of the Otter
Milliken, Barry – Storm Child
Misquadis, R. – A Living Legend
Mojica, Monique – Chocolate Woman Dreams the Milky Way
Mojica, Monique. – Princess Pocahontas and the Blue Spots
Morris, Jim – Son of Ayash
Morrisseau, M. – Indians For Sale
Moses, David Daniel – Almighty Voice and His Wife
Moses, David Daniel – Big Buck City
Moses, David Daniel – Coyote City
Moses, David Daniel – The Moon and Dead Indians
Moses, David Daniel – Brebeuf’s Ghost
Moses, David Daniel – de Winter’s Tale
Moses, David Daniel – Kyotopolis
Moses, David Daniel – Songs of Love and Medicine
Moses, David Daniel – Songs of Medicine
Moses, David Daniel – The Dreaming Beauty
Moses, David Daniel & Jim Millan  – Red River
Mosioner, Beatrice – A Little Black Cat and a Little White Rat
Mosioner, Beatrice – Night of the Trickster
Miguel, Muriel – Red Mother
Murray, J. Melanie – A Very Polite Genocide

NEPA – Who am I?
NEPA – Double Take/A Second Look
NEPA – Clown Trickster’s Workshop
NEPA – Death of a Chief
NEPA – Give them a Carrot for as long as the Sun Is Green
NEPA – Native Images in Transition
Nepinak, Doug – BBQ
Nepinak, Doug – Coo-Coosh
Nepinak, Doug  – The Crisis in Oka, Manitoba
Nolan, Yvette – A Marginal Man
Nolan, Yvette – BLADE
Nolan, Yvette – Annie Mae’s Movement
Nolan, Yvette – Child
Nolan, Yvette – Savage
Nolan, Yvette – Skin Deep
Nolan, Yvette – The Unplugging
Nolan, Yvette – from thine eyes
Nowra, Louis – Crow

Olson, Michelle & Ravensbergen Lisa – The Place Between
Omnika, Amie Lynn – Broken Snowshoe Moon
Ondinnok – Iwouskea et Tawiskaron –
Ondinnok – Opitowap, Sakipitcikan et Mantokasowin
Ondinnok – Le Porter des peines du monde
Osawabine, Joe – How Will You Remember Me?
Osawabine, Joe, Elisha Sidlar and Paula Wing – The Gift

Payette, Corey – Children of God
Pechawis, Archer – Talking to My Horse, Whistling the Garry Owen
Peeteetuce, Curtis – In the Midst of Memory
Peeteetuce, Curtis – Mekiwin : The Gift
Peeteetuce, Curtis – Popcorn Elder
Peltier, Doris – A Red Shoe Tale
Peltier, K. – Stuck Between 2 Women
Pepin and Arnatsiaq – Uqquaq, The Shelter
Petit, Marcel – Reclaim
Pheasant, Karen – The Promise
Prudat, PJ – Reunir


Ramirez, Vickie – Smoke
Raven Spirit – Gathering Light
Raven Spirit – Evening in Paris
Red Sky Performance – Backbone
Red Sky Performance – Dancing Americas
Red Sky Performance – Mistatim
Red Sky Performance – Raven
Red Sky Performance – Raven Stole The Sun by Drew Hayden Taylor (based on a traditional Tlingit story as recounted by Sháa Tláa Maria Williams)
Red Sky Performance – The Great Mountain by Tracey Power
Red Sky Performance – Shimmer
Red Sky Performance – Underworlds
Reid, Stephen & Poushinsky M. – Clarence Almost Home
Riggs, Lynn Rollie – Green Grow the Lilacs
Riggs, Lynn Rollie – The Cherokee Night
Ronceria, Alejandro – The Jaguar Project
Rosie Simas Danse – Darkness
Rosie Simas Danse – Skins
Ross, Ian – FareWel
Ruffo, Armand – A Windigo Tale
Ruffo, Armand – Ghost Woman
Ruffo, Armand – Grey Owl The Mystery of Archie Belaney
Ruffo, Armand – The Visit

Scurvey, Sweeney – River Bank
Seabrook, M. – 20th Century Indian Boy
Sergel, Christopher – Black Elk Speaks
Seawell, Annamarie – Rezolutions
Simpson, Brock – Skyland
Sinclair, Bruce – Murdo’s Story
Sinclair, Bruce & Waweyekisik Theatre – Sad But True
Smith, Santee – Kaha:wi
Smith, Santee – Medicine Bear
Smyth Z. – The Tale of the Four Directions
Solomon, Brian & Many Fingers, Justin – What’s Left Of Us
Spiderwoman Theater – Sun, Moon and Feather
Stella, Rose – White Buffalo Calf Woman
St. Bernard, Donna Michelle – The House You Build

Tanguay, Nicole – Hand to Hand
Tangen, Rulan – Walking at the edge of Water
Tarbescu Edith – Molly’s Boots
Taylor, Hayden Drew – Dead White Writer on the Floor
Taylor, Hayden Drew – alterNATIVE
Taylor, Hayden Drew – Education is Our Right
Taylor, Hayden Drew – Four Hundred Kilometers
Taylor, Hayden Drew – Girl Who Loved Her Horses
Taylor, Hayden Drew – GOD AND THE INDIAN
Taylor, Hayden Drew – Indian Time
Taylor, Hayden Drew – In a World Created by a Drunken God
Taylor, Hayden Drew – Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth
Taylor, Hayden Drew – Pictures On the Wall
Taylor, Hayden Drew – Someday
Taylor, Hayden Drew – Three Tricksters
Taylor, Hayden Drew – Raven Stole The Sun (based on a traditional Tlingit story as recounted by Sháa Tláa Maria Williams (Red Sky Performance)
Taylor, Hayden Drew – The Baby Blues
Taylor, Hayden Drew – The Berlin Blues
Taylor, Hayden Drew – The Bootlegger Blues
Taylor, Hayden Drew – The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny
Taylor, Hayden Drew – Toronto at Dreamer’s Rock
Taylor, Hayden Drew – Toronto@Dreamer’sRock.com
Taylor, Hayden Drew – Heat Lightning
Tisiga, Joseph – Late Night with Grey Owl
Tonto’s Nephews – Ever Sick!
Trujillo, Raoul – Forbidden GODeSses
Tunooniq Theatre – Changes
Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble – The Scrubbing Project
Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble – The Triple Truth
Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble – The Only Good Indian
Twigg, Troy Emery – Assimilating Richard
Twigg, Troy Emery – Iitahpoyii
Two-Rivers / Broessel, E. Donald – Old Indian Trick


Vermette, Sarah – Hunger Strike
Villeneuve Alain – Mind’s Own Will

Wallace, Yvonne – Smothered Sweetly
Welsh, Joe – Sacred Places.
Williams, Angeline – Biidaasigekwe, Sunlight Woman
Williams, Kenneth – A.W.O.L.
Williams, Kenneth – Suicide Notes
Williams, Kenneth – DESERTERS
Williams, Kenneth – Gordon Winter
Williams, Kenneth – Project 7
Williams, Kenneth – Three Little Birds
Williams, Kenneth – Thunderstick
Williams, Kenneth – Bannock Republic
Williams, Kenneth – Café Daughter
Williamson Bathory, Laakkuluk & Sylvia Cloutier – Tulugak
Wiseman J. – Full Circle
Worn Staff, Sadie – Shadow Warrior
Worn Staff, Sadie – The Tribes of Dawn
Worn Staff, Sadie – Winter Moon Magic


Yellow Robe Jr., William S. – The Independence of Eddie Rose
Yellow Robe Jr., William S. – A Stray Dog
Young Ing Greg – Full Circle